Papillons are a wonderful companion breed of dog that originated during the late Renaissance.
Dogs resembling Papillons first appeared in paintings in Italy.
The original dogs were small with spaniel like ears. It was only later that the erect ear variety was established.  In  Europe the Papillon is known as Epagneul Nain Continental (Continental Toy Spaniel
The Papillon is dainty, fine boned, elegant, sound and athletic, and has exaggerated type points. The breed's most notable feature is the large, round obliquely set ears generously fringed, that give the breed its butterfly look. The tail, high set and arched up over the back is another important type point along with dainty hare feet, an attractive head and a straight, single, silky coat.  There are two ear varieties: erect (butterfly) and drop (phalene - drop winged night moth).

Temperament:  A well bred Papillon is a joyful, happy, affectionate dog. They are lively, friendly and outgoing.  A good Papillon is never shy or aggressive. Papillons love other Papillons. Those who own them say they are like potato chips - hard to have just one!

Papillons love to be with people and they are very portable. They are also athletic and enjoy going for walks. The breed is also noted for its high intelligence. Papillons do very well in obedience and agility, proof of their high trainability.

Size and Color: The standard for Papillons in the U.S. calls for size between 8 – 11 inches with show disqualification for dogs over 12 inches. This is a very large range for a toy breed. Good breeders maintain breeding stock within the acceptable range. Adult Papillons within the correct size range generally weigh from 5 to 8 pounds.
Papillons come in a wide range of colors. Common colors are white and black, white and red, white and sable, Tri color (white, black and tan) ranging from classic tri to hound tri, and white and lemon.
The difference between showdogs and pets: To be a successful showdog, a Papillon must conform to the standard for the breed as approved by the American Kennel Club (see the standard at : 

Showdogs are also pets but some dogs do not meet the show standard in small ways. They still make fine pets.
As an example, a Papillon has to have both ears colored, front and back to be a showdog.
If a dog has a white tip on its ear, it is considered mismarked for show.
Other small differences between showdogs and non showdogs mean that pets are often available from the very best Papillon breeders.
How to find a Papillon for a pet: Members of national (Papillon Club of America) and local (Patriot Papillon Club) Papillon Clubs are trying to breed healthy, superior Papillons with great temperaments, sound structure, and the beauty the breed is known for.

In searching for a pet, prospective owners should talk to breeders and find out if they show their dogs and if they belong to Papillon Clubs.  It is important to try to see the parents, other relatives and how the dogs are raised. The best breeders do not have multiple breeds for sale and do not have lots of puppies, so if you want the best pet, find a breeder whose dogs you like and let them know you would like to have a pet when one is available.
The Patriot Papillon Club will try to help you find a nice  Papillon to give you many years of companionship and enjoyment.
Not all breeders belong to Papillon Clubs or show their dogs. Commercial breeders that sell to pet stores tend to breed solely for large litter size. As a result, they generally use larger females that tend to produce more puppies
but also larger puppies. Some pet owners have been disappointed to discover their “toy” dog has grown to be 18-20 pounds! This is another reason to acquire your pet Papillon from a show breeder who is aiming to breed for the correct size and temperament.
Show breeders compete as a hobby and are not breeding just to sell puppies. Breeders who actively show their dogs in conformation competition and belong to Papillon Clubs tend to have the best dogs and dogs they don’t show are still very good examples of the breed. As a result, puppies that are available as pets from show breeders tend to be very good options for anyone seeking a pet.
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