The first organizational meeting to form a Papillon Specialty club in the area of New England was held on April 29, 1989 at a dinner meeting held in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. At that time, there were twenty-three people in attendance. Of the twenty-three, nineteen agreed that it would be beneficial to start a club and there was enough support to form this type of club in New England. That is how the Patriot Papillon Club got its start. 

Our officers were elected and our board was appointed. The officers and board members included many people in the dog fancy that have been in the sport for many years and with many accolades to their credit.

After our first organizational meeting, we became busy with the formation of the club. Meetings were held to discuss all areas of forming a club including bylaws, membership applications, dues, a club logo and etc.

During that year, we held two very successful fun matches. These were not only wonderful social events for meeting with other members, but also, good learning experiences for the dogs (and their handlers). We ended our first year with a lovely Awards Banquet with thirty-one members. Our membership has grown tremendously from our first meeting.  As of this day two members out of the original thirty-one members are still valued members today. We continued to hold fun matches and social events over the next six years. 

After fulfilling the requirements, we became a licensed club. The American Kennel Club granted Patriot Papillon Club approval for licensing status in 1996. 
The Patriot Papillon Club of Chelmsford, Massachusetts held its first championship show on November 15th, 1996. 

Butterfly dogs came from all over the USA to participate. The club president and show chairperson drew together a very talented group of committee people, which was evident with such a successful show.

Over the years the club has been served by a team of dedicated lovers of our breed, who gave their time and efforts in working for the good of the club.  Without these members the club would not be what it is today. 

History of the Patriot Papillon Club